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 International Award Winning Passion's Vision 

Professional Reviews
Passion's Vision
Reviews(at)Sime-Gen 5 Stars Reviewers Choice A man and a woman separated by language and culture is the theme of many great love stories. Well, you can add another to the list. Sweeping, panoramic and steeped in historical detail, Passion's Vision stays close to the story at its heart, the growth of love and respect between a man and woman separated by language, customs and those who would seek to destroy them both--as they fight to deny the increasing admiration each has for the other while facing all odds to help the other survive. Ms. Adair deftly spins a tale that draws the reader into a world long past and the reader won't want to see the end of it. Leta Nolan Childers Jo Anderson A Little Romance Author: Mary Adair This is the story of two strong, proud and compelling people. Their clash of wills and strong attraction to each other makes this a truly engaging love story. Passion's Vision is a remarkable portrayal of the Cherokee People. From the moment James enters the village you feel you are there with him. The rituals, the narrative of the war party and the details of village life are all incredibly absorbing. Mary Adair is able to draw the reader into a way of life that has long past, but she brings it alive for us with her writing. This talented new author has written a story that is quite simply, irresistible.

Passion's Vision
Reviewed by Detra Fitch Huntress Book Reviews Author: Mary Adair *** Set in South Carolina. Contains explicit sex scenes. Here is one, which kept me tight with tension from page one till the ending! Author, Mary Adair shows her intensive research and knowledge of the culture and the ceremonies of these fascinating people! I could actually envision it all! An astounding piece of work by an author I expect to see much of in the future!*** 

Passion's Vision
Painted Rock Reviews This is no light romantic romp in which time and place are mere window-dressings. Set in the Appalachian Mountains of South Carolina in 1734, a period of turmoil and violence in American history, this is a romance that triumphs the power of love to overcome heartache and the will of the human spirit to survive seemingly insurmountable odds. A wealth of historical detail and Cherokee customs and beliefs are expertly woven throughout the story to provide conflict to the romance,authenticity to the setting, and depth to the plot. The passionate romance is a choreographed battle of wills between a feisty opinionated, strong-willed heroine and an initially pompous and conceited but ultimately brave, decent, and compassionate hero. This couple deserves their hard won happiness. Passion's Vision is a story of substance sure to delight historical romance fans. Kathleen Langan 

Caroline Clemmons, author: BE MY GUEST 
Evenly matched in determination, New Moon and James find their battle of wills turn to passionate romance amid the tumultuous drama of life in the 1700's. The author's careful and extensive research of the Cherokee people and this period of American history is artfully woven throughout this compelling saga of danger, intrigue, betrayal, passion, and triumphant joy. PASSION'S VISION is certain to capture the imagination of any reader who loves historical romance and adventure

Raven's Passion

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Raven Who Flies To Meet The Clouds

Raven, is strong, without fear and respected for his prowess as a young warrior. He is also battling his anger with a father he does not know. A white man who would love and then leave a young Cherokee woman to raise his child alone. The villagers see this pent up anger take control of his reactions each time he perceives a threat toward his near-sister, Golden Dawn. The village is unsure  and concerned by his aggressiveness and inability to control his anger when Dawn is threatened. Now Raven’s adopted father, Red Panther, is missing and possibly dead.  Raven must prove to Chief Dancing Cloud as well as the rest of the village that he possesses the love and selflessness that a warrior, a protector of The People, must possess as he leaves with the war party to find Red Panther.

 Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn is Red Panther’s and New Moon’s daughter. She has inherited her father’s fair coloring, his pride and his determination. From her mother she is blessed with strength, courage, a warrior’s abilities, and a gift of visions. She alone understands Raven’s pain. She alone knows their paths are intertwined. She alone knows that someday, she will no longer be his near-sister and because of the love she has for him she will willing pay the price to save his life.

 Raven’s Passion

The story of a young warrior struggling with the meaning of life, a life filled with the passion of a time when one’s existence depended on unity, love, selflessness, and the village.  

Passion's Price

     Passion’s Price
Professional Reviews
Caroline Clemmons
Passion's Price is the stand-alone sequel to Passion's Vision. In Chota Town in the Carolinas, Golden Dawn Fitz-Gerald has inherited her Cherokee mother's gift for visions and her Irish father's blonde hair and blue eyes. When Dawn learns her childhood friend Raven Cloud is in danger, she sets sail for England to protect the man she loves and has seen in a vision as her life's partner. Raven's life includes a successful career as head of the London office for Fitz-Gerald Shipping---and a fiancée. The path Dawn and Raven follow to discover the source of the mysterious accidents plaguing Fitz-Gerald Shipping threatens to destroy them both. Love triumphs and the two fulfill the promise of passion Dawn's vision foretold. Passion's Price is Mary Adair's second novel and reflects the same painstaking research of Ms. Adair's first novel, as well as her ability to breathe life into an interesting array of characters. Passion's Price is filled with adventure, romance, humor, and pathos sure to please readers and hold their interest from the first paragraph to the last. 

A wonderful Native American paranormal romance August 31, 2005
By Kelley Hartsell VINE™ VOICE
Courtesy of The Best Reviews 4 STARS

Golden Dawn has a special gift, given her by the Great Spirit of her people, the Cherokee. She has powerful visions, not unlike those experienced by her mother, New Moon. These visions have always guided Dawn on the right path, and helped her to help those closest to her. When one of these visions tells her that her dearest childhood friend, Raven Cloud is in grave danger, she knows she must do all she can to protect him. Off she goes to England to find him and keep this danger from harming him.

Raven has spent the past several years of his life trying to forget his heritage. He is a half-breed savage who doesn't fit into the White man's world, or the red man's world. His hatred for the unknown man who sired him has stalked his whole life, forcing his exile from the Indian town where he grew up, Chota Town, and the family who raised him. His anger is a curse, causing him to head to England to try and find the man who fathered him, then left his mother. When dawn arrives, telling him she is there to protect him, his memories of the young girl she was do not gel with the woman he has become, distracting him from his self-imposed mission.

Someone is trying to harm him, and the reputation as a sound businessman he has tried to build. Many of his merchandise warehouses had been burned to the ground, costing the business lots if money. He knows someone is trying to jeopardize all Raven has built for himself in England. It concerns him that Dawn had a vision and wants to help him. She is a warrior woman, who will stop at nothing to protect the man she has claimed for her own.

Dawn's sole purpose is to find and eliminate the threat to Raven, before it can claim his life. She has loved him her whole life and knows he is the only man for her. But he scoffs at her attempts to help him and remind him of whom he really is. He is drawn to her as well, but refuses to accept her Cherokee ways and does not wish to draw her into the danger surrounding him, or his quest for vengeance. Dawn knows they are meant to be together, her visions have told her so, but how can she make Raven accept that as well? And how can she protect him when he is trying so hard to avoid her? Dawn finds her biggest job of all is to convince Raven to acknowledge his heritage, before they can be together for always.

This was a compelling read, from the pen of Mary Adair. Golden Dawn is quite the warrior, willing to go to great lengths to protect her man. Nothing can stop her from reaching her goals. Raven is consumed by his hatred of the man who fathered him and scorns his native heritage. Only dawn has the power to break through to him, all the more reason for him to try to keep his distance. These two are perfect for each other, obvious to the reader, even though Raven himself refuses to admit it.

There is a good deal of suspense in this novel, and the mystery underlying everything is engrossing. One will make numerous guesses to who is the guilty party, changing their mind repeatedly, until the surprise of who exactly it is. Also of note, is Raven's quest for his father. One will be stunned to find out who it is, though in the end, the reader will be surprised at not figuring it out sooner. A touch of the mystical is evident as well, in Dawn's powers of foresight and her ability to sometimes bring on a vision at a moment's notice.

This is a good story, not as gripping for this reviewer as some other books read, but still kept the interest until the end. Ms. Adair shows promise as a writer and this reviewer would be interested to see how future books pan out for the author.

© Kelley A. Hartsell, September 2002. All rights reserved.
Rating:3.5 Roses
Reviewed by Celia. 

In an interesting blend of cultures, Mary Adair has taken two members of the Cherokee nation and plunked them down into eighteenth century London. I must note at the beginning of this review that this book is the second in a trilogy, and I regret not having read them in order. There are characters, settings and relationships that probably would have made the first few chapters easier to grasp had I been able to draw upon that background. However, it is still an entertaining story.

Golden Dawn, or Dawn as she is known in London, is a seer. Her visions tell her that her one special mate is in danger and needs her. Unfortunately, her mate is Raven, friend and business partner of William, Earl of Southwick, and although he is having troubles, Dawn’s arrival doesn’t solve them; it adds to them.

Raven has pretty much turned his back on his heritage, found himself a tasty French girlfriend and is enjoying the lifestyle of a relatively well-off gentleman. But misfortune seems to haunt Raven, and the arrival of Dawn, coming as it does on top of some serious business setbacks, is a crushing blow. Raven knows he’s not immune to Dawn’s charms, and Dawn is sunnily secure in the knowledge that she and Raven are destined for each other.

Although both are interesting characters, I’d like to have understood Raven a little better, and perhaps this is where the first volume in this series might have helped. He seemed to be able to make the change from British Gentleman to Cherokee Brave very easily, yet was riddled with any number of neuroses and insecurities. Dawn, on the other hand, is quite straightforward. Raven is her man, and she will protect him. She is, however, rather naive when it comes to what is and isn’t possible for a woman of her time.

The characters are very well drawn, and the supporting cast is excellent. (Don’t miss one of the charming grandmothers providing a diversionary tactic by dressing up as a “lady of the evening”! It’s hilarious!) Taken as a whole, this is a fun read, with an adventurous story involving some exciting characters. The love story itself seemed a little out of focus when compared to the plot, but that certainly didn’t prevent me from enjoying this tale. 

By Caroline Clemmons
 Amazon Best Selling Author of MEN OF STONE MOUNTAIN SERIES
In PASSION'S PRICE, Golden Dawn has inherited her mother's powerful visions and knows she must help Buffalo, even if he doesn't want her help. Even if he thinks he doesn't want her assistance or her. She proves intelligent and determined. He has tried to make a name for himself in England's white world and has a thriving shipping business. He also has a pouty woman intent on marrying him. But Golden Dawn has other plans for Buffalo. Follow this exciting conclusion to PASSION'S VISION.      

Reviewed by Abigail Lurae     
I am very much into the Native American Spiritulism and their visionary abilities. Your story caught my eye and then reading your excerpt has made me want to go out and buy your book. I'd love to curl up on the sofa and get lost in Passion's Price.

Reviewed by rethabile mbeka (Reader)     
I am completely blown away. this story is owesome. i just love it!

Reviewed by ADELLA PEREZ (Reader)     
All I can say is WOW!

Reviewed by Jane Flowers (Reader)     
Such passionate and dramatic words. Great read.

 By Melissa Stidham
This author is a very talented writer who keeps you intrigued throughout the whole book! Would absolutely recommend this book to everyone!

Captive Spirits

         Captive Spirits
 REVIEWS OF PASSION’S VISION Passion Price and Captive Spirits
 Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite 5 STARS
 "Captive Spirits" the first book in the 'Legends of Aztar Series' by Mary Adair takes us to the planet of Aztar, a place that is never known to be at peace. There is a deep fear of those who wield mystical powers and use them for cruelty and hold people as captive spirits. There is a small belief among the people, however, that some day a savior will come and take them out of the blood and gore of war. The leaders of each region come together to try to reunite the divided people so that they can have things ready for their savior. The leaders know the battle to free the will and spirit of the people of Aztar will not be an easy one. Many will be lost and so they decree that a King must be chosen. And they choose the first King of the land, Si Volcum.

 What an adventure Mary Adair has created for readers of all ages! There are enough twists in the plot and curious intrigues to keep an adult brain mulling over them as they go, with the right punches of adventure for the young adults it is geared for. This is an enjoyable read with a very fast pace. Aztar may be a planet in war but to me it is still beautiful. The way the spirit of the people continues to live and wants to be free is a beauty to me. This is a skillfully written story and I very much look forward to reading 

 A strong fantasy for YA or adults March 13, 2013
 By Amazon Best Selling Author, Caroline Clemmons
 Format:Paperback 5STARS
 Si Volcum has been selected King of the planet Aztar, and rules well. His queen is Alexis, and their children are their daughter Cordea and son Lyon. With Si's rule, peace has come to the land, but evil men are jealous of his popularity and reign. They plot against the royal house and its downfall. Good forces work to counter evil. Who will win?
 This first in a series by M A Adair (Mary Adair, bestselling author of Native American romances)reminds me of C S Lewis and the Chronicles on Narnia. Full of symbolism from an incredibly imaginative author, this book has unexpected twists and turns that keep the reader guessing what lies around the next bend. Anyone who enjoys fantasy will fall in love with CAPTIVE SPIRITS. I highly recommend the novel.  
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