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 Passion’s Vision          

 International Award Winner:

2014 Readers' Favorite: Finalist in Historical Romance.

 New Moon... Strong, beautiful, a visionary and a warrior. She blames herself for the death of her husband. If only she had been there. Now her visions warn...once again, her warrior skills will come to bear... Two warriors from different worlds meet and clash. Soon they realize their survival depends on their ability to overcome their differences and defeat those who seek to destroy them both. Their growing love will demand nothing less than total surrender.



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Passion's Vision

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Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite 

Love has a strange way of drawing together individuals that seem to not only be extremely unlikely to meet, but are diametrically opposed to ever create a bond. Passion’s Vision by Mary Adair explores this truth as the female warrior, New Moon, struggles with a destiny that has been revealed to her in a vision of man whose “hair is the color of the river’s clay and whose eyes are the color of a summer sky.” Having lost her husband, she has sworn to belong to no other man, regardless of the will of the Great Spirit. James Fitzgerald is the embodiment of New Moon’s vision and she knows it the moment she lays eyes on him; however, she will not easily give up her determination to belong to no other man. As James carries out the task that had been given to him by King George, bringing Cristoph DuPrey to justice, the deeper conflict of the heart of the two warriors rages in full force. Passion, duty, language and culture struggle with each other as destiny tumbles them forward like a cascading river.

In Passion’s Vision, Mary Adair has not only captured the essence of the struggle that was taking place as white men and natives struggled to advance their own visions for the new frontier, but it also digs into the deeper struggles of the heart. The stubbornness of the mind and determination may hold fast to what is believed to be the best course, but chemistry, desire and passion often have a way of continuing to assail the heart until it gives in. Mary does an excellent job of telling both of these stories and of drawing the reader into a deeply emotional response to the characters involved. Passionate, realistic and intense, Passion’s Vision will draw you in with an irresistible desire to intense, Passion’s Vision will draw you in with an irresistible desire to bring the two protagonists together as you become enmeshed in the struggle along with them.

Caroline Clemmons, Author

  Evenly matched in determination, New Moon and James find their battle of wills turn to passionate romance amid the tumultuous drama of life in the 1700's. The author's careful and extensive research of the Cherokee people and this period of American history is artfully woven throughout this compelling saga of danger, intrigue, betrayal, passion, and triumphant joy. PASSION'S VISION is certain to capture the imagination of any reader who loves historical romance and adventure.

Professional Reviews:Reviews(at)Sime-Gen 5 Stars Reviewers Choice: A man and a woman separated by language and culture is the theme of many great love stories. Well, you can add another to the list. Sweeping, panoramic and steeped in historical detail, Passion's Vision stays close to the story at its heart, the growth of love and respect between a man and woman separated by language, customs and those who would seek to destroy them both--as they fight to deny the increasing admiration each has for the other while facing all odds to help the other survive. Ms. Adair deftly spins a tale that draws the reader into a world long past and the reader won't want to see the end of it.Leta Nolan Childer

Jo Anderson: A Little Romance: Author: Mary Adair: This is the story of two strong, proud and compelling people. Their clash of wills and strong attraction to each other makes this a truly engaging love story. Passion's Vision is a remarkable portrayal of the Cherokee People. From the moment James enters the village you feel you are there with him. The rituals, the narrative of the war party and the details of village life are all incredibly absorbing. Mary Adair is able to draw the reader into a way of life that has long past, but she brings it alive for us with her writing. This talented new author has written a story that is quite simply, irresistible.

Passion's Vision
Reviewed by Detra Fitch Huntress Book Reviews Author: Mary Adair **** Set in South Carolina.  Here is one, which kept me tight with tension from page one till the ending! Author, Mary Adair shows her intensive research and knowledge of the culture and the ceremonies of these fascinating people! I could actually envision it all! An astounding piece of work by an author I expect to see much of in the future!****

Passion's Vision
Painted Rock Reviews: This is no light romantic romp in which time and place are mere window-dressings. Set in the Appalachian Mountains of South Carolina in 1734, a period of turmoil and violence in American history, this is a romance that triumphs the power of love to overcome heartache and the will of the human spirit to survive seemingly insurmountable odds. A wealth of historical detail and Cherokee customs and beliefs are expertly woven throughout the story to provide conflict to the romance,authenticity to the setting, and depth to the plot. The passionate romance is a choreographed battle of wills between a feisty opinionated, strong-willed heroine and an initially pompous and conceited but ultimately brave, decent, and compassionate hero. This couple deserves their hard won happiness. Passion's Vision is a story of substance sure to delight historical romance fans. Kathleen Langan 

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